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Horrible Experience
Morys, of new adventures, was selected by a VA lender that connected him with me. I was at the time not aware of the home buying process, and informed this Realtor to assist me throughout the process. I explained to the Realtor that I would trust him to provide me with guidance and keep me informed of what was going on. However, after a few weeks, of working with me, and finding a property we were under contract.

I was not aware of his soon to be absence of a critical week in where I requested a appraisal that the appraiser could not get in contact with either him or the seller's agent because he could not get into the house. I had to personally do all the contacting of informing the lender to inform the appraiser that my guy was out of town and discovering that the owners were out of town too.

It got worse, this caused the appraisal to be delayed, and caused me and my wife a lot anxiety.

Well, the days passed, and it wouldn't be until the late afternoons where I would some times get a hold of the guy, after leaving him messages and not receiving any meaningful response. To see if he had heard anything or got the information we had requested, only for him to tell me he had not heard anything.

The guy either plays "inept" or is really "inept" because it appeared that every question I would ask of him, he would reply I don't know, and would tell me he would get the information I requested, but without ever getting that information.

What a horrible experience, do not use this company to get your deal done, because you will be disappointed.

I have now lost almost a month on a house that did not appraise, due to its low value, my Realtor instead of doing his own homework and helping to provide a realistic bid, let me, and "Inexperienced" buyer provide a number out of thin air, hoping it would stick.

Do yourself a favor, and save yourself the anxiety, find someone that cares about what your doing, and doesn't go away for over a week while your deal is in limbo and needs their attention.

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