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Ms. Knights is the first realtor / landlord that I have ever worked with that I would never trust! She has placed a claim against our security deposit for what she described as "extraordinary cleaning". When asked what she meant by that, she explained that there was dirt behind the refrigerator, behined the stove, some base boards were dirty and fan blades had not been cleaned. I would bet that the majority of landlords would dream of having tenants where this was their biggest concern when they left the property. Her claims are completely unreasonable and unfounded.

We also have a claim requesting for a refund of 2-days rent during a period in July when the rental air conditioner was not functioning. The temperature in the rental rose above 90 and was unsafe for our 6-month old.

Ms. Knights is the type of realtor / landlord where nothing agreed upon verbally should be trusted. My motivation in posting these comments is in hopes that no one else dealing with her is taken advantage of, in the manner that my family has been taken advantage of.

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